Blue Steel

At the request of a youtube viewer, some pics of O’l Rowdy!






Ol’ Rusty arse!



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“Weekly” painting progress

Here we are again! Steve managed quite a bit since our last update. He assembled all of his new toys: Stormlances, Trenchers, Maddox, that Trencher Ogryn, two Trencher Cannons and Stryker 3. Even more impressive: he managed to fully paint all Trencher-related models!

Leon got some stuff done as well: He actually has now six painted Warjacks! (And note the nice blue axe!) If he wanted to he could field a fully painted army. He did so only once though. No doubt to embarrass us…

Thies joins this blog with another non-red Khador army. He finished two of his Widowmakers and took the time to paint them eyes. That helps the shooting, I am sure. Just yesterday he assembled a magnetized Demolisher/Spriggan. With the spare parts lying around the pictures resemble a genuine Khadoran workshop…

Finally, I managed a little bit as well. To the surprise of everyone (including me) I finally finished my Phoenix (now I am only five painted ‘jacks short of Leon…). As I was not too keen on painting my models I spent my free time building a railway – or a part thereof – and designing wall templates. Hurray…

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Charge = Good?


Very quick point here about charging that will be self-evident to some, but might be worth highlighting for beginners.

Generally, charging is considered a powerful action in Warmahordes, because of the extra movement and the boosted damage roll you get. If your average d6 roll is 3.5, it means you’re rolling an average of 10.5 instead of 7. Combined with things like Weapon Master and other, more specialised special rules, you end up with some models that live to charge, and do a lot of damage when they do (Banes, Doom Reavers, Dawnguard Sentinels, Stormblades). The extra movement you get simply means you can get into combat and use that damage bonus where you otherwise might not have been able to.

Seems pretty good, right? Well, it is. For warrior models.

It often is for Warjacks and Warbeasts too, BUT they also have the option to buy more attacks AND have to pay Focus or Fury to charge in the first place.

Basically, if you’re in a situation where you normally wouldn’t want to boost damage with your melee beatstick Jack/Beast, then you should think twice about charging.

I love playing Stormclads. They hit at POW+STR 19 with their swords, which often means 2d6+1 damage against other heavies. They are also useful against swarms of infantry with their Assault shots and Electro Leaps. Unless I’m up against ARM 22+ or don’t have the movement to make it, there’s almost never a situation where it wouldn’t be better to buy an additional attack with that magnificent sword rather than getting  that charge boost.

Against a Khador heavy, presuming I hit, I’m doing an average of 6 damage per attack with that sword. Over 4 attacks (initial and 3 Focus), that’s an average of 24 boxes. If I swap one of those attacks for boosted damage on the first, I’m doing about 21.5 boxes instead.

Doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but combined with the open fist and Assault attacks (not to mention POW/Damage buffs), then it could easily make the difference between neutralising that Khador heavy or leaving him free to junk my Stormclad on his turn.

with those high POW (18+), Focus-buyable attacks, it’s almost always better to walk up and smash rather than charge, providing you’re not up against very high ARM or high DEF (where you might be boosting to hit)




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Weekly Painting Progress

Welcome again to our weekly painting and assembling/converting department! Here we go:

Steve finally got his battlebox (plus a unit of Storm Lances) and assembled everything on the same day – he even straightened the bent weaponry. In case you don’t know: just putting bent plastic parts in hot water lets them reform to their original straight form. If not you can bend them yourself to any angle you want.

Speaking of bending stuff with hot water: I did the same to the legs of my battlebox-Manticor so he can compete with Christians Helljacks conversion-wise (see his running Slayer last week). I also put a bit white colour on my Phoenix. That was not worth a picture though…

Leon had his battlebox assembled as well. He also base-coated his Nyss Hunters and Cryx(!). To make sure he can keep using faction-only effects on his Mercenaries like said Nyss Hunters he painted Malakov.

Christians progress will probably follow later next week. Keep looking!

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Killer Instincts

Hello Warriors and, er… Hoarders!

I wanted to make a quick point today about something I’ve learned about this game (and it actually applies to all tabletop wargames and, in fact most competitive games and sports and even actual wars!), and about myself.

The main (and really the only) reason to play any game is to have fun. That’s the overarching goal that all games have in common. If you’re not having fun, the game kind of stops being a game altogether.

The object of competitive games is to win and for me, winning is fun, so I generally have more fun if I win. (big surprises so far)

A close second to actually winning is a game played well. I really like it when I feel I’ve played well, and I like it when my opponent plays well.

A really rewarding game of Warmachine/Hordes, therefore, is one where I win, we both played well, and we both had fun.

Pretty obvious so far! Unfortunately, this golden situation must often be compromised as some of these ideal conditions must be sacrificed for the sake of the others.

Here’s an example: You organise a game, maybe weeks in advance, your opponent spends time and money to get to your game table, you both spend time designing your lists, you set up your table, furnish it with terrain, decide on a scenario, unpack your army, set it up, start the game and then assassinate your opponent at the top of turn 2. The game itself has only lasted 20 minutes and ended in what seems to be a pretty cheap victory. (it’s totally not cheap, it’s part of the game.) You then proceed to pack your stuff away, and there’s not even an interesting after-battle discussion as it’s patently obvious to everyone what happened.

Because of the above (deliberately extreme, it’s never actually happened to me this way) example I have, on more than one occasion, passed up an opportunity to close out a game purely to keep the fun going a bit longer. I’m also pretty sure that, because of some inner sense of ‘fairness’, I have subconsciously blinded myself to quick victory opportunities.

Winning can often be socially awkward.

What this has shown me is that I lack the ‘Killer Instinct’.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Despite seeing myself as a competitive person, if a game-winning opportunity appears, I have a kind of subconscious checklist to see if I’m ‘allowed’ to act on it. “how difficult was it to set up this game?”, “Have we both had enough fun yet?”, “is this too early in the game?” “would this victory seem cheap?”, etc.

I’m not saying I only lose games because of this, but when looking back at past games, I do sometimes wonder how much of an impact it had.

It’s a very strange internal contradiction. I only feel like I deserve a win if I’ve earned it somehow.

The strangeness is compounded by the fact that I would personally be disappointed if someone was pulling their punches when playing me. I’m not sure why I don’t credit the rest of the world with the same attitude.

Now that I have spotted this within myself, I feel like I have actually become a better player. I don’t have the Killer Instinct, but I am learning to emulate it, purely for the purposes of winning at Warmachine. I also believe this gives me an advantage, as I can now make these evaluations fully consciously, and act accordingly. (If I ever try to get a beginner into the game, I can choose not to ROFLstomp them at the first opportunity. It wouldn’t be fun for anyone.

It’s a choice you can make before a game starts. To be ruthless or not to be ruthless. It’s something you can openly discuss with your opponent.

If you find that you are playing competitively against an opponent who is playing casually, you’d better make sure they at least have fun.

Our little gaming group has really helped me with this.

I had a pretty bad losing streak a few months ago; I think I lost 10 or 12 consecutive games, and at least 2 against each of our regular players.

Knowing that every single one of our group plays (mostly) competitively and all are fully capable of annihilating me if I don’t play to the best of my ability (and often despite my best efforts), really helps lift that feeling of guilt that comes with a ‘cheap’ victory.

Because I know this, I respect them all enough not to pull my punches. Not playing my best would be patronising.

Anyway, that was a bit longer than I expected! If you’re still reading, thanks!


– Steve

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Weekly Painting Progress

Another week has passed (actually even a week and one day – I’ve been lazy…) and we managed a little less progress painting-wise but more so on the assemblage front. Here we go:

Steve had a lot of real-life work to do and didn’t manage to get anything hobby-related done. Nothing miniature-related I should say. He is writing an extensive tactics article that might hit this site somewhen.

Three of us got the new battleboxes (Steve did not) and started assembling. I put together a Griffon and Helynna since I’ve already got the other two ‘jacks from the box and want to convert the new ones to do cool moves. Like those guys:

Christian was very busy this week: first he assembled one of his Slayers to appear charging or trampling through the battlefield, then as he got his battlebox as well he put together Agathia and a Reaper, the latter posing on a stone with a bigger harpoon than usual. Finally he unleashed a surprise for us fellow gamers: the Kraken!

Leon realised that the Sorscha pictures from last week did not show the finished model so he took new ones. Also he started assembling his battlebox, beginning with another frightening Juggernaut!

That was it for this week, let’s see what we come up with for next Sunday. Or Monday, depending on laziness…

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Weekly Painting Progress

While we are busy putting up battle reports on our Youtube channel, this blog sheds light on the other aspect of the Warmachine hobby: the painting. After Steve and I already wrote a bit about our current projects from now on we will show the weekly progress of our little gaming group. This week, four of us haven been more or less busy:


According to himself Steve didn’t do much this week, but he still has some progress to show: as you might remember from the earlier blog he paints all his Trenchers at the same time. These three guys show where things are going – brown, blue, gold and silver.

Bent – make that I – finally started painting my first(!) Myrmidon, the Phoenix. Like I stated already, painting white is tedious, so I painted parts of the Thane and Arcanist to not go mad.

Our third entry shows a finished model: Leon did a re-painting of Sorscha. The lady was already painted but not quite to his liking.

Christian is nearly done with his Desecrator. The only things to finish are – apart from the base – the shading on the bronze, the blue lighting on his leg and his saw.

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Painting Up a Storm: Cygnar Army Progress

Well if Bent is doing one, I’m bloody doing one too!

Let’s get this straight – I am very lazy. I also don’t especially enjoy painting.

I’m in this for the game. I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women. I’m not really interested in fluff, for that matter either.

Despite all this, I feel compelled to get my army up to a ‘good enough to play with’ standard. The upshot is: I try to get my army looking as good as possible, with the minimum effort from me.

Here’s the fully painted portion of my collection so far:


Mmm. Feels good inside. Like a warm mug of hot chocolate. Or a really satisfying poo.

Looks alright, dunnit? Although fairly inconsistent (check out the giant highlights on Thorn), I’m reasonably pleased with the way it’s all turned out, and it looks fine on the table top.

“But what about the incomplete portion of your army?!?”, I imagine you are screaming into your screen.

Here we are:



Oh dear God, why?

Urgh. Not a pretty sight.

That makes 40 painted Vs. 51 semi/unpainted little toy men.

Before Mk. 3 dropped, this ratio looked a lot healthier, and I had broken the back of the majority of the painting work.

Then I went and added a huge pile of Trenchers (all the brown ones – didn’t you know they’re the new hotness?) plus quite a few other models, and the task of getting them painted up is looking pretty daunting.

I’m going to have to tackle this fairly systematically to have a chance of ever fielding a full-painted army.

The Trenchers are up first.  They have a relatively simple paint scheme, being mainly brown leather, and just need blue shoulders, gold armour, silver guns and a few details here and there (maybe do the ankle bandages a different colour).

And by ‘Trenchers’ I mean all the models that belong to that category, Finn, Trench Buster, Master Gunner, etc. all included. They’re all getting the same treatment, and the differences in the models themselves should be enough to differentiate them on the table top.

I’ve started as I mean to go on: I got a can of leather brown primer to spray them with, which frees me of the task of having to base-coat the leather bits. so phase one is already complete! Hurrah! I’ve already got a big bottle of sepia wash ordered to splash them with (which should also cover me for shading the gold bits)

Next up is base coating the shoulders in blue, adding gold to the armour, silver to the weapons and off-white to the ankle-wraps. I’m not sure if the wooden gun-bits warrant a different brown (maybe just on the solos/CA). After washing for shade, I’ll be dry-brushing the highlights of the larger areas and adding rough highlights to any small bits.

Finally, sand on the bases, paint ’em and maybe add a bit of gloss to the dirt on the bases to make them look like wet mud (no grass for these boys).

Purely because of the number of models, each phase will likely take a few hours, but hopefully it will all take less time than it would otherwise to paint them separately.


“Fuckin’ ‘A’.”

That’s it! Next update when I feel like it!


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Painting Retribution – Houseguard Problems

As a Retribution player I realised a while ago that my faction choice was probably not the very best. And that is because of the painting! Right now I feel the need to finish my Houseguard Halberdier unit. Not enough that white armour is not fun to paint to begin with, those guys also have more details than any other unit in the game! (Or so it feels…) Every Halberdier wears a skirt and a padded undercoat beneath his armour that is modeled to resemble singular straps with buttons. He also wears two(!) belts with pouches and a backpack with some kind of rolled-up fabric (a sleeping bag?).

If I was really lazy this would probably not have been so much of a problem but I want my models to look nice. Coming from Warhammer and having painted countless Skaven clanrats I know that no one will probably look too closely at a singular trooper model – let alone critizise the painting quality. No one but me that is!

When I painted the first white Retribution armour (of Vyros) I used four layers of ever lighter blue-gray thinned-down paint. The result was good but took a long time. So I decided to give my House-Elves a more dirty (and above all else a faster!) treatment.


There they are, just basecoated with Fenrisian Grey and quickly drybrushed with Praxeti White (yes, I use Citadel Colours, I started tabletop gaming with Warhammer after all). That was the easy part, as it didn’t matter if I splattered paint over any other areas of the models. Next came the skirts (or whatever they are) in red:


Here I had to pay attention to not get any red on the armour. That didn’t work all the time but as I wrote earlier, I am probably the only one who knows. Now the real work started: painting the leather parts on every one of the eleven models (I painted one beforehand to test my colour scheme) was so boring that I actually took a nearly four-month-break before I finished that part. I did finish the leather just this week and was so happy that this part is done that I wanted to share my joy in this post. Right now I am going for the metal parts:


As I see this picture I realize that the infernal leather parts are not done yet! I just washed them with different colours (Biel-Tan Green for the bedroll and Agrax Earthshade for the rest) but forgot to highlight them! Boy am I looking forward to painting something else. The Pheonix is looking at me right now. He has to be patient though…

That was a little insight into my painting pains (I guess that’s where the word comes from). I hope you liked it, I will keep you updated on my progress – feel free to add any comments!


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The Mighty Die


Welcome to our blog, The Mighty Die. It’s a blog devoted to our favourite tabletop nerd passtime, Warmachine (and Hordes)!

We’ll be posting LITERALLY ANYTHING related to our experiences with the game: Painting, strategy, tactics, list building, model/faction guides, rules discussion, sexually explicit fan-fic, anything! or maybe not! YOU NAME IT (Not the last one. Or maybe I’m bluffing!*).

It’s no coincidence that the launch of this here blog coincides (almost to the day) with the release, by Privateer Press, of the 3rd edition of Warmachine and Hordes. This blog’s contributers have been playing this sweet game for around a year, and this new release comes at an ideal time for us as we are now comfortable with the way the game works, but also now have this exciting and fresh start to level the playing field.

We have a Youtube Channel!

We originally started the channel in Feb ’16 purely to share our experiences within our own (small) gaming group, as an alternative to live WhatsApp turn-by-turn updates (a lot of work, not interesting to read). So far, we have less than 100 subs and less than 2000 vid views, but things seem to be growing steadily. We really don’t have any ambitions to get ‘big’, but we are happy to share with anyone who cares to check it out.

Anyway, press forward!



*I’m definitely not bluffing. We definitely will not be posting “Bloat Thrall Bukake: Caine Shoots His Load III: 8 Inch Spray, Part 7”.

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